I am currently redesigning MERCs. I simply haven’t been able to find enough play testers, so along with buttoning down the rules there will be a significant focus on creating the ability to play test it online through chat, forums or blogs. That will not be a program but rather a set of tools to translate the tabletop experience online.

As to the game itself, I’ll be refocusing it downwards. The unit cap will be a hard 8, officers and non-coms will be either added or reworked to fit in the new format. Choices for basic infantry units will be streamlined into a more approachable but heavily varied framework. Their inventory slots will be cut down to 3 total, each hand and the chest, while three completely unusable skills will be removed. Stealth and spotting will be removed for the time being and electrical, explosive and mechanic will be bundled into a single skill and insight will be removed all together in deference to officer abilities.

Thank you for your patience as this change progresses.

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