P2P Bullshit

You know, I hate this play to play bullshit creeping into MMOs lately.

Look, I pay good money to get my advancement. I go to work, pay my dues, come home and just want to buy that next level to keep up with the guild, but noooo. No, these play to play losers with no life have been grinding all day. By the time I get home from work they’ve already leveled up FIVE FUCKING TIMES. I mean what sort of no life fucked up loser actually plays the game for more than an hour? So now I have to spend five times as much just to keep up, meanwhile they’re getting all this stuff for free. Fucking greedy MMO companies won’t just kick the assholes out, either, want them around to push the rest of us into spending more.

And that’s just below the level cap, my god how am I supposed to know who the other people with a job and kids are when some guy could have just run the god damn dungeon five hundred times to get all the loot? I payed good money for this t3 gear, Cleric’s gear ftw btw, and I’m not even going to have enough to buy t4 for another two weeks. Two weeks! Nerf prices ffs! Meanwhile these guys are running around in t7 just taunting everyone. I have to spend my entire, limited, play time just collecting these random bullshit trinkets and treatments to get my gearscore up enough to qualify for those fucking pug runs with my cousin!

Fucking players. No, fuck grinding! Come on devs, do us all a favor and NERF GRINDING!

4 comments to “P2P Bullshit”

  1. Judd says:

    Are you just copying a post from another person? Or am I just missing something.

    I am not aware of a Pay 2 Play for MMOs. I am very aware of Free 2 Play which I think is what you are talking about. However it doesn’t seem to fit with how I understand it to work. Do you have a more direct example than the generic one posted above? Grinding is a staple of Korean MMOs so if that is where the example comes from you are basically missing out on how the economics of their market work. :)

    – Judd

  2. Sara Pickell says:

    I’m being satirical. ~.^

  3. agamemnon says:

    Actually I get irritated with f2p/p2p mmo’s myself but lately i have just had no time at all to play ANY mmo’s in probably 6 months so for me i’m thinking now f2p may be what i should do that way i can play once ever 73rd tuesday of the month and not really worry about leveling up, catching up with the guild, grinding constantly to get my 15 bucks worth and all that…now if i do it i would just play casually whenever….hmmm….gots me thinking…

    btw what mmo was it?

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