So my dip into the shallow end of crowd sourcing failed to wow me, but it didn’t completely disappoint either.

I made $120, less than half of the $300 target but more than enough for a case of mountain dew. In the total breakdown, there will be 3 honorable mentions and one person getting a character of their own within the game.

The best part of it all is that the extra money gave me a few more days. In those days I managed to find a way to revamp the way static menus look, rebalanced the classes slightly, and changed out my music selection. (Who knows if that last one is for the better though…) The time has been invaluable, and the spare two liter of Mountain Dew hasn’t hurt either…

Now I need to decide between ordering a pizza and replacing my dieing ram… decisions decisions… To be more serious, I’m hoping the game will get enough at auction to purchase a whole new development computer. So in one sense spending the money on ram could be a total waste. On the other hand it could be the stitch in time that I need to keep going. Hard decisions approaching.

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