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Sorry for missing yesterday. My job has decided to amp up the stress and waggle my schedule around like a car in Crackdown. If anyone reading this is head of QA, or head of design, for a major gaming studio, please give me a job…

Anyways, useless pleas for escape aside, here are todays.

Single Player
Journeys in Desolate Lands

Adventure game based on various post apocalyptic themes. You are a precog venturing around the ruined future, trying to find the catalyst of this future. Intelligence operatives constantly record every word you utter while in this dream state, allowing you to be brought back by making a verbal report of the catalyst. Each progressive future will show the changes made because of what you found, and how the government reacted.

Multi Player
Strange Rectangles

A bunch of people play rectangles that are a float in a large blue field. You’re mission is to find circles of different colors and stay on top of them to suck them dry of points. Green is the most, blue is second, white is third, red is fourth and grey is fifth in terms of points given. Gameplay is actually more similar to bumper cars, with a few power-ups (larger size, energy shield that makes you temporarily untouchable, a little bouncy ball you can throw at someone) scattered about.

GOD Online

Players choose an archetype order, chaos, nature, technology, they then choose a set of 6-10 powers. Players then enter the dynamically generated instance where they and the members of their party are matched with the appropriate number of players from the other archetypes. The goal in an instance is to convert all of the people to either one archetype or two complimentary archetypes. The towns cannot follow gods of opposite denominations, for instance a town can worship both nature and chaos, but not both nature and technology. After all the peoples in a town have been converted to any of the faiths, there begins a fifteen minute countdown in which players may command their followers in bids to convert more or destroy other players followers. At the end of fifteen minutes or when two non-opposing archetypes have been completely eliminated, players take in followers equal to the number of followers they have left alive.

These followers are then used in up to eight player cooperative PvE RTS battles to capture skills and artifacts as well as advance the story campaign.
(Yes Caab I’m looking at you, and Gig too. Next time I’ll be more original I swear. No Peter Molyneux I’ve never played your damned game.)

Need something to practice on while I try to work on SW, so I’m gonna try and post 3 game ideas a day. Single Player, Multi-Player, and MMO, one each. These have to be new even to me, so I can’t just like walk into my mental library of IPs and ideas and just pick one up off the shelf and dust it off and call it new. Todays are being made up as I write them, tomorrow’s may have more thought invested in them.

Single Player:
Sky Pizza!

You are a pizza delivery man working at the Cloudy Crust Pizza Parlor at the top of the Sky Works, a moving flotilla of civilian and merchant marine sky ships that has become it’s own trade center. You basically para-glide from stop to stop trying to deliver your pizzas within the time limit. Meanwhile Pizza Pirates attempt to steal your cheesy goodness and block your route. You get awards for speedy delivery which will be proudly displayed at your pad, the main menu. There are also “good citizen” achievements scattered throughout the world as optional side activities to do if you think you have the time.

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Quake

Ironically named as other than being an FPS it has nothing at all to do with quake. Players run around with paint-ball like grenade launchers, but when shot a player switches teams, the idea is to make everyone a member of your team. Pacing should be very fast, with levels that are comprised of jumps and twists and turns. Players may pick up weapon secondary fires, like the sticky grenade which makes a certain section of the map slower to move through, the paint mine which works pretty much exactly like it sounds and the uber tub, an area of effect paint with very small amounts of ammo.

Cuddles in a Basket

Cuddles are cute little fuzzy balls with about a thousand teeth and couple mouths, you begin your cuddly life in the bottom of a basket. The goal is to get out of the basket and into the next basket, end-game consists of exploring the laundry room. You can move up by pulling someone above you down, you can move down by pulling someone below you up, you can make a lateral move by biting or gnawing your way through the local area to the next spot. A higher tier can only be founded on the backs of cuddles below. The higher up in the tier you are the more identity tokens you get per fifteen minutes, identity tokens can be spent customizing the name and appearance of your cuddle. Likewise the further baskets down the line add even more identity tokens. When you get out to explore the room, the evil dust bunnies will attack any cuddle of a certain color on a certain day. You can fight back and move them around and trap them by changing color. Raids will be ventures under the washing machine to scare away the filthy uber-bunnies, will require many different colors working in concert as they have to navigate many hurdles which require the basic team climbing needed to get out of the basket in the first place.

Projected time till players reach the endgame – heavily varies. Some servers may get out in hours, other servers may never even get out of the baskets.