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Blog General Update

I’ve decided to switch over to a more structured blog format and post more regularly.
From now on the general set-up will be 2-3 posts per week. On Wednesday there will be an artist update, showcasing any artwork I’m particularly proud of and/or talking about art related topics. On Friday there will be a post about a specific project I’m working on, detailing something of note to happen within it as well as the general progress being made towards it. The Friday post will usually be about whatever project I’ve placed as top priority, so it should be a good way to see at a glance where I’ve focused a week. Saturdays may or may not have a post, it could be rambling, could be another project post if something big happened in one of my other projects, or it could be just an art dump, whatever I need it to be.

For now I’d like to sort of delineate what I’ve got on my plate:
PsychoAvatar’s next thing – I’m leaving the announcement of PA projects to Brian –
Silver Simulations – Officers – Silver Simulations is the mark I’ll be using for my personal projects. Officers is the working name for a narrative based Management RPG that I’ll be creating in C# as a commercial project.
Silver Simulations – Pax Imperator – A space based 4x game that is presently on hold.
There are a few more of them I’m holding pretty close to the chest since they are unlikely to reach completion.