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LFH: Programmer

I’ve decided that I’m tired of beating my head against the brick wall on programming. So I’m looking for a C# programmer who would be willing to help me out on Ronin Beat.

C# programming skills, obviously.
6-8 hours a week.

Additional Ideal Qualifications:
Rock Band 1 for the 360
Call of Duty 4 for the 360
Genius creative ideas.
Shader programming experience.

So what am I offering you in payment… nothing up front. Sorry I’m broke. If we agree to monetize the game, it’s straight up 50/50 split of revenue. Otherwise it’s all pretty much interest driven.

Why should you work with me? Well for one because you’ll be working with me. For 2, I’m terribly disorganized, have no set schedule, and get side tracked on every interesting thing that crosses my desk… In other words, you’ll be the one setting the rhythm of the project. When it comes to programming I’m not a total idiot, for the most part I get it. Finally, because I care. No really, I do.