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I’m rather with Yahtzee Croshaw’s assessment from the Psychonauts review. But I kind of feel the need to take it one step further.

The games industry cannot grow up, since it’s customers still have not grown up. I’m not talking about age, I’m talking about being mature and less self centered. I’m sure that quite a few people finding this off GAX or through CoW are quite mature, but those of you who are take a step back and ask yourself if you really are the norm…

How is the games industry supposed to find the room to breathe life into new genres when the self entitled twats their selling too seem to spend all day screaming about useless things. If you have to choose between making people whine with a free system that generally works no matter how many users, or roll the dice on just how many people you need to serve and invest millions in something that will almost certainly fail, the choice is kind of obvious and you would make it too. If it’s a matter of nerf a class or watch your game slowly decay from perceptual imbalance you do it. If you can’t sell a game for so much as peanuts unless you’ve spent $20mi in graphics, but don’t see any monetary reward for spending more than a pittance on writing, you invest in graphics and tell the writers to bugger off.

There really are a few companies out there that really are trying to do their best by you. Kind of like politicians though, a lot of them apparently don’t lie their asses off enough to actually get people to pay them exorbitant amounts for shit and chips.

I’m not saying don’t criticise companies. Everyone has the right to criticise and be criticised. However the purpose of criticism is such that people can do things BETTER than they did before. It’s not valid to criticsise people for not doing the impossible.