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MB for Mature Blog

Let me tie my hair back, here… that’s better.

Contrary to most of my other writings about maturity on this blog, I’m not looking to be combative or put a challenge to the games industry in total. I’ve hardly given up on the quiet crusade, it’s just that right here today my attention is much closer to home than an entire theoretical industry. Indeed, my primary focus at the moment is this very blog.

As I’m sure all… okay, so to be perfectly honest, I know the numbers I get well enough to know that perhaps a couple people reading this will have even read my earlier blog posts. So to sum it up, I’m not generally inclined to pull my punches. I’ve written about lesbians, violent death, what can be learned from porn, depression, and terrible moral choices, but more recently this issue has rather become the elephant in the background of every page.

Yes, I’m referring to the mascots decorating the fringe, and even to some extent the image of that chaos inspired girl that is still probably on the front page. I’ve kept it all rather tasteful in my opinion, no sex scenes or vaginal closeups, but still the fact remains that nude silhouettes now populate every page of my blog. This creates problems, both for people hoping to read from work, and for people with young children (or very jealous spouses) around at all hours.

I’m not taking them down. The layout of the blog is moving in much the direction I want it to move, even if the current color selection is a bit weird. Despite my small readership, I don’t mind at all if people choose to only read through google reader or a similar aggregater, or even simply stop reading all together. It doesn’t hurt my feelings or my pocketbook. Not everything is for everybody, and perhaps this just isn’t for you, or isn’t compatible with your current stage in life, that is all perfectly okay.

However, for the sake of everybody else’s right to choose what content does and does not cross their screen, I’m going to put up a certain amount of fair warning. I’m going to turn on the adult content flag in Blogger, so it should give warning prior to my blog that it does contain content that has been socially declared fit only for adults. I can only hope I don’t break a couple feed readers in the process.