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Small Changes

Some of you may have noticed the addition of the mascot (probably NSFW) in the last couple of days. Between it and some scale issues I’ve noticed some problems in terms of readability and ease of use. Today I expanded the image, exacerbating the problem, so I decided to make a few modifications.

- Colors have been adjusted to retain readability even when overlapping the mascots.
- Fonts have changed.
- Sidebar now scales.

Hopefully this will also be helpful for people attempting to view from iPhone as the title is now the only part that doesn’t scale.

The colors look fine for me, but I know monitors differ drastically. I’d appreciate any feedback you would care to give on the color scheme.

While I’m dealing with site stuff…

For the month of Aug 6-Sep 5, I’d like to thank these sites for directing some traffic my way.
GAX Online – Where this blog was initially established.
Stylish Corpse – Ysharros writes about MMOs and other things…
Dragon Chasers – Pete.
The Ancient Gaming Noob – Wilhelm was actually one of the first blog authors to actually drum me up some hits. I greatly appreciate that.

Anyways, just thought I’d drag them all into the limelight, as it were.