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Just finished a meeting in my Metaplace world, The Lectern, on the recent shift of Shattered World to a CC license. This is my record of the chat.

SaraPickell: All right, well let’s begin then.
Pixeleen: YAY! I bought Pixeleen St in MP Central!
SaraPickell: First of all, thank you to everyone for showing up. It means rather a lot to me.
bionicghost: altouh i don’t actually know what’s going on here
bionicghost: but the spirit is here
SaraPickell: Before I go into any specifics about the setting, I’d like to explain what exactly I’ve done, and why exactly you should care. =)
KStarfire: *grumbles at people taking his street corner*
chooseareality: simmer down
chooseareality: :P
Tizzers simmers.
SaraPickell: Shattered world is a setting I created a little over two years ago specifically to support the creation of an MMO. Over those two years it has grown and expanded somewhat.
SaraPickell: I am now releasing all of that writing, all of the design work for the MMO, as well as all of the IP that would normally be part of a license free to everyone.
chooseareality: KS or someone can you grab a log of this for me please :)
KStarfire: if i dont crash sure :)
chooseareality: I should have been offline 15 minutes ago
chooseareality: poof
KStarfire: go brooke.. :)
Pixeleen: what sort of license are you releasing it under?
SaraPickell: Not only free to use, but free to copy, free to profit from, and free to modify. The only rule being that I be credited, and that you maintain that right for everyone else.
Tizzers: Creative commons license?
SaraPickell: It’s a Creative Commons Share and Share-Alike
bionicghost: point for tizzles
Tizzers: <3
Pixeleen: why did you decide to do a creative commons license?
SaraPickell: Well, I was watching the commentary on a Jackie Chan movie once, and it was mentioned the character he was playing was the star character of a great many movies in Hong Kong Cinema. Since then, I’ve alsways been interested in the idea of a shared culture that doesn’t also try to limit people’s abili
SaraPickell: *ability to profit from it.
Pixeleen: where is the work available? is there a URL?
SaraPickell: For the moment it’s still spread out a bit over two sites. I’m going to be working to compile it all into a PDF soon. Let me grab those two urls for you.
Pixeleen: thanks
SaraPickell: ||
Omnifrog: Awesome
KStarfire: very well put together Sara
Omnifrog: I’m a big supporter of CC
Pixeleen: I know someone who will say that this is communism or socialism and destroys business
bionicghost: let’s… not tell that person about it
Omnifrog: thats wonderful Sara
SaraPickell: Actually, it’s opportunity cost, right now I’m loosing more money on the IP than I’m making because without mind share it remains worthless.
Pixeleen: so this is a way to get more mindshare
SaraPickell: With mindshare, although I won’t be in control of all the profits made, it attains worth.
SaraPickell: From a purely cynical perspective, yes.
SaraPickell: However, I’m not here to attempt to force or even really sell anyone on the use of the IP. Rather, I want people to see what is there, see if it can help them with some endeavor, and if it can to use it.
Omnifrog: quote “the big problem isn’t piracy, it’s obscurity”
Tizzers: What kind of assets exist Sara? Object/Character models? Textures?
SaraPickell: At present moment, there is mostly writing and design work. Some character art does exist but not as much, and a lot of it is floating around my hard drive, and will be hunted down as I compile more.
Pixeleen: the world needs more models and textures
SaraPickell: However, I’m not ceasing work on the IP myself, and all future assets will be covered under the same license, so even if you don’t find anythign that works for you now, that may not be the case in the future.
bionicghost: wait. Everyone who modifies it will have his/her own version, or the modifica game?tions would be added to an overall
bionicghost: wait. Everyone who modifies it will have his/her own version, or the modifications would be added to an overall game?*
Pixeleen: if people cooperate the mods could be added
Pixeleen: but then you have a governance issue
Pixeleen: who decides which mods go in the common game?
SaraPickell: Whoever decides which game is the common one.
SaraPickell: And there is nothing to say that you need work on “the” game I’m working on. You can create your own, merely using the setting.
bionicghost: like a source code
SaraPickell: I suppose, I’m not starting a project, just opening up the tools I’ve used so far, and will create in the future for others to use.
Pixeleen: its sounds pretty cool
Pixeleen: if you can get a community sharing things will move faster than if you try to do it all yourself
SaraPickell: exactly.
bionicghost: A game of many
SaraPickell: or many games/stories/movies from many.
bionicghost: A many of many =P
SaraPickell: So have I explained that to everyone’s satisfaction so far?
Pixeleen: yes
SaraPickell: Then I would like to continue to a quick overview of what I hope will wind up in the eventual “Source Book”.
bionicghost: me/ sips on coffee
bionicghost sips oon coffee
SaraPickell: I’m a very character driven person, so I’ll be starting it with a list of characters, as well as a timeline and connection graph so you can get a feel for who I have worked on so far.
SaraPickell: wow, that is a lot more boring than I thought it would sound.
bionicghost: uhmmmm
bionicghost: WOOHOOO!!!
SaraPickell: So I’ll put it to you, would rather hear me give an inventory of the book, tell you about parts of the setting and design I find interesting, or should we skip strait to questions.
bionicghost: i say first option
Omnifrog: please go on
bionicghost: i will show my exitement by throwing a tomatoe at omnifrog
Omnifrog: lol
SaraPickell: Okay, then continuing with the book. The second part will be about the major historical events along the timeline.
Omnifrog: I’m a bit of a copyleft freak so …
SaraPickell: That will be followed by an “art” segment, which will contain concept art, as well as any sprites, and also a preview of all the art files that come with it.
bionicghost: such as the ones behind you
SaraPickell: Correct.
SaraPickell: That will be followed by writing samples, to round out the overall setting and art portion of the book.
bionicghost: Quick question: what is that on that guy’s feet?
SaraPickell: The man in the grey uniform?
bionicghost: this guy
SaraPickell: Ahh, that is a very poorly rendered rock formation.
bionicghost: oh thanks
SaraPickell: The next segment of the book will be devoted to high level game mechanic designs.
SaraPickell: Then it will be low level mechanics, these will include mathematical formulas and very low level implementation details.
SaraPickell: After that will be any source code or pseudo code samples.
bionicghost: The physics laws of SW
tayboy: hey
SaraPickell: Correct.
bionicghost: So, will it be a physical book?
bionicghost: or an e-book?
SaraPickell: It will be an e-book. Perhaps if something changes durastically and either I can afford it, or there becomes enough demand for it I would look into printing options. But for now e-book is my only realistic option.
SaraPickell: So are there any more questions then, on the book and it’s contents?
bionicghost: uhm.. it’s a buyable or a free e-book? =3
SaraPickell: It’ll be free.
bionicghost: woot
Pixeleen: free is good
Omnifrog: how long has this work been under CC?
SaraPickell: I put it under the license yesterday. Which is why this meeting has been largely about the choice and process and less about the IP itself.
Omnifrog: there is a lot to look at but it’s very cool that you chose CC
bionicghost: So, if the plasma cannon’s trigger is pushed for too long, it blows up in my face
bionicghost: (I apologise if the question seemes a bit out of context)
SaraPickell: More like the gun melts.
Omnifrog: this would make a good post for boingboing
bionicghost: on… my hands
bionicghost: a failsafe could be added… i think we’re getting out of subject
SaraPickell: I personally will be waiting until I have the source book available before I try to push this to any media outlets.
Pixeleen: I think that is a god idea Sara
Omnifrog: I wont submit a post at this time than
Omnifrog: Hi moe!
moeshere: hey hey what can I say how all yall today
moeshere: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
bionicghost: Soup moe
moeshere: sup
SaraPickell: I suppose, I do wnat to impress however that I am not trying to “lead from the top” in this. My goal is to make this and grow this, while trying not to create undue expectations. However I’m not going to tell anyone else what they are or aren’t alowed to say or do about it.
moeshere: ok what did I miss who’s getting shot
Omnifrog: YOU!
Omnifrog: hahah
moeshere: I knew it
bionicghost begins tinkering with a photon cannon
SaraPickell: Simply because, if you want it to be, it can be as much your project as it is mine.
moeshere: K
Omnifrog: thats very cool Sara but projects still need leaders even in an open environment
moeshere: well who made the cannon
bionicghost: the “leader” could be an assam… wait, what’s the word in english…
Omnifrog: the community will select who they follow but it’s your baby
moeshere: the mean boss thats what it’s called hehe
bionicghost: assambley
bionicghost: congress
bionicghost: cheesecake
moeshere: ok so what does the cannon do at this point
moeshere: just shot meeps right
moeshere: ok
SaraPickell: Well, I want to start winding this down, any last questions before we officially close?
bionicghost: i got disconnected
bionicghost: did i missed anything?
Omnifrog: It’s a bit late for me to get too deep into it Sara but I will look at this all more tomorrow
Omnifrog: I logged the chat text
SaraPickell: Well, thank you all again for coming.
Omnifrog: and I’m looking at the SF site
bionicghost: woah, we’re finished already?
bionicghost: dangers
SaraPickell: With what I wanted to cover in the meeting. I’ll still be here for a while, and will always be available through pm to answer questions.