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Twas a dark yet sunny day. The monsoon that hung idly over the desert had surrounded the sun, backing it into a corner and casting a brown-gray pall over the suburban town. It was a hot day too, though not as hot as it had been, skating by at under one fifteen.

Of course this didn’t bother Miles Mitz as he walked around the block where he knew only four or five of the houses were even occupied. Miles led simple life these days, stocking shelves by night, wasting away time dreaming by day. Today however was a special day, unknown to poor Miles. Today his fate would steer him far away from what he had previously known.

A shadow was cast over Miles, causing him to look up from his worn sneakers. He rubbed his eyes a moment and starred hard at the tall figure. There was no doubt in his eyes what was before him, yet still his brain protested. How, prey tell, could a cat walk upright with a stature of over eight feet. Indeed it was a finely dressed cat, by his standards. She wore a brown long sleeved coat over a short tan shirt and black slacks, rather than a purse of any kind she wore a small leather backpack.

“Can I help you?” Miles asked with a slight waver.

“No, I believe the damage is done already.”

“What damage?” he asked.

“Can’t you see, boy, the world around you has gone mad!”

Miles looked around and saw nothing out of the ordinary besides this enormous cat. Though he did wonder where she bought her slacks. Would even a long and tall store carry pants of the proper length for someone eight feet tall? He banished the question from his mind and stood resolute.

“I can’t say as I do.”

“You will boy, you will.”

The cat turned and walked away.

Rain began to fall, despite the stubborn patch of blue in the sky. However, the rain was having a strange effect on the world around Miles, and even on Miles himself! Wherever a droplet fell the color ceased to be, as though it were not water but grayscale personified falling from the sky.

Miles hurried on to his prior appointment, displeased to say the least.

- Honorific Continuation At Future Date? -