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Every seventh drawing I’ll reiterate the purpose here, in case someone has just come along.

From the original posting:

For the next 300 days I’m going to draw a Spartan a day in the hopes of receiving a $1US donation for each Spartan. If I collect enough to take care of [my eye examination/glasses, a new tablet, and a new monitor], then all excess afterwards will be donated to Child’s Play.

The Rules
If you leave a note with the donation for a Spartan themed request I’ll try and fit it in as soon as I see it and can get to it.
Spartan is more of a theme. If I have to draw 300 Thermopylae ready Spartans I’ll go mad. Expect a smattering of sci-fi and other high concept Spartans.
If other artists want to take part in this, contact me and hopefully we’ll be able to work something out. To be honest I won’t feel completely comfortable accepting help until I’ve reached a point where all the money is going to charity.
Lastly if nobody is donating, I’ll probably keep on trucking with this anyways. Probably.

#7: A Spartan Pays the League it’s Dues