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The Rules
1 person consumes 4 units of food per month.
1 employed serf produces 10 units of food for the harvest every month except November-February.
The harvest is collected in May and October.
1 Blacksmith adds %5 to the total harvest.
1 Hunter adds 8 units of food every month.

1km^2 of land supports 4 serfs and 2 freemen.
On Jnauary you gain, or lose, land equal to the Queen’s favor.
Soldiers and Men-at-Arms add favor, but consume above average resources.

You loose if you run out of land.
There is no win condition at the moment.

Currently a text based, console app.


Patch notes: 6/15/08
Each serf harvests 2 less food/mo.
Fixed Soldiers and Men at Arms not appearing employed.
Fixed employment percentage on the Check Employment screen.
Serf and Freeman number growth has been corrected, they now gain one for every four and six, respective, units that already exist after the minimum.
Corrected the bug that prevented the purchase of H. Armor.
Updated rules to reflect change in serf food production.