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Seems like at the old Gax I would always post about the game programming I was doing… of course while the old gax was up I was actually doing game programming. I’m still not sure why but programming is just an insanely hard field for me. Anytime I try and understand other people’s code, it’s as though they wrote it in an obscure Martian dialect.

Still I’ve been making huge progress in my art. My pen sketches are finally coming out half-way decent half the time. My pixel art still sucks, but at least I’m practicing now, and I’m a bout a week behind schedule on a 3d module… yeah I should probably get on that.

Game design as a whole still fascinates me, but it’s hard to put any oomph behind an idea went can’t make even a simple prototype. On the other hand this minimum wage bullshit is killing me so I really do need to get started on a marketable skill. Or else start a famous and popular web comic and demand hand outs from my reader base… of course, I’d have to build an audience.

Even for an internets fangrrl I seem to have a hard time reaching out beyond my shell. Mostly it’s just that when I have nothing to do, which isn’t all that often, I’ll either run off and play something, or start doodling. It never even occurs to me to run around chatting with other internets people most of the time. Being with people is just… not my natural mode.

Signing off.
Sara Pickell