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Hard Learned Lessons

I’ve learned a few lessons in drawing the hard way. Today I want to share the biggest bitch that comes with learning how to draw in an anime or manga style.

Moral of the story, learn volumes first! Hell, do still life drawing and life drawing, focus on the lighting and rendering. If you can render it right, you can draw it right, but if you can only draw it right, you’ll have to unlearn how you see things in order to render it right.

Final Thought:
Everyone can draw a circle, square and triangle, especially since it really doesn’t have to be perfect. Therefore, you already know everything about shape needed to start doing still life. The real challenge of still life is to look at something, say an orange for instance, and instead of mentally filling in a shape, circle in this case, to instead see how the contrast between light and shadow is creating that shape. It can be boring, but hang in there and you’ll appreciate it later!