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It was dark outside of the starkly decorated room. A low table in the middle surrounded by velour cushions was the only furniture in the room, and the way the paint on the walls danced as though the water on the walls was real was it’s only distinguishable aspect. Out of the open rear door, the descendants of cicadas chirped into the lonely mountain night.

Inside a woman with silver hair and eyes, wearing a worn training gi, poured tea into four handleless cups. The red headed woman nodded and said something polite as her cup was filled, the black haired man following her example, while the blonde haired man skipped the pleasantries all together to launch into conversation.

“Well, it looks like all our special training has finally paid off,” he says.

“Oh yes, well some of us had more special training than others,” the red head replies, glancing over at the silver haired woman.

“Be nice Mara,” the black haired man warns.

“What, it’s only true,” Mara replies.

“I am only property, I do as my mistress commands in all things,” the silver haired woman interjects.

“So you don’t deny it then, Shiala,” the blonde interjects.

“Oh come off it you two,” the black haired man says.

“Interesting choice of words, Jenji” Mara says, prompting a laugh out of the blonde, and a coy smile from Shiala.

“Come on, you can’t say you’ve never been the least bit curious,” Mara smiles at Jenji.

“Well nothing like you and Tion seem to be… but, do you really do it just because the master tells you to?”

Shiala smiles and shrugs slightly, “perhaps.”

“Typical, an answer as clear as mud,” Tion laughs.

“You three don’t seem to be worried about tomorrow at all,” Jenji says. “I just can’t stop worrying about it.”

The mood sours slightly, and Shiala picks up in the absence. “We’re all nervous Jenji, some of us possibly even more than you, we just each have our own way of dealing it.”

“I’m worried I won’t be able to notice the soul of the sword speaking to me,” Mara says while spots of rose blossom on her cheeks.

“Hell, I’m worried what happens after we meet our swords. Do we get to stay here till we feel ready to go, or will we be sent off to serve some lord or other. Or worse, are we just going to find ourselves out on our assess to fend for ourselves,” Tion says, placing his hands behind his head and leaning back slightly.

“Even if that happens, I don’t think you three have anything to worry about. I mean, Mara, you attack like the wind, and you’re only getting better. Shiala, you’ve got the greatest balance of all the students, some of them say it’s even better than master’s. Tion, well, I don’t think anyone outside of this room, except master of course, has even managed to touch you lately. I don’t think I have anything like that, so what would I do?” Jenji says.

“Haha, you’re in this room for a reason Jenji. You may just need some time to find your own strengths.” Mara smiles to him.

“In fact, Jenji, you may be the most talented of us all. You’ve managed to keep up with all of us despite our specializations, that takes no small skill.” Shiala adds.

“Anyways, tomorrows the big day, so let’s drink up! To the Master and the pursuit of honor!” Tion interrupts.

“To the Master and the pursuit of honer!” the rest repeat.

Testing Ready Build 2

- The damage model has been changed. Now you have a damage limit, when exceeded in a single hit you go down. When dealt over 75% of your limit in a single blow it counts as a gash. Under that is a glance.
- The d20 roll has been modified slightly. 1-15 are still dodges, and 16-18 are still normal hits. 19 is a 2x damage hit, and 20 or natural 0 as it’s reported deals 2.5x damage on it’s hit.

- Levels! You now have a level, and it has an effect on you. Unfortunately you do not gain experience at this time, instead you can test duels between equal level characters at levels 1, 5, and 10.
- A PC gains 20% increased damage and damage limit per level. A NPC gains 10% damage and 25% damage limit per level.

- The damage reporting segment has been updated to reflect the combat changes.
- Placeholder portraits have been added for the combatants.
- The program now has icon art.

Where to get it:
Please leave a comment in the thread if you are participating in play testing.

Also if testers could send an e-amil to with the word “Tester” in the subject line. It’ll be very helpful in allowing me to send out surveys and what not. I’ll also try and keep more regular updates going out through it, and see if I can’t fit some goodies of sorts into it somehow.

Early Leveling flow concept

NPC exp reward curve

1 – 1
2 – 8
3 – 24
4 – 72 – swordmaster
5 – 216
6 – 648
7 – 1944 – General
8 – 5832 – Big Bad
9 – 17496 – Lu Bu (An incredible soldier from the three kingdoms period of chinese history.)
10 – 52488 – Musashi (Most famous Japanese swordsman… EVER. A living legend in his day.)

78729 total if killed in row

PC exp requirement curve

1 – 0 – Has basic motor skills to lift a sword.
2 – 3 – New Apprentice
3 – 9 – Practiced Apprentice
4 – 81 – Swordmaster
5 – 243
6 – 729
7 – 2187
8 – 6561 – Master Kuron/Shin, Master Ken (Wanderer without title)
9 – 19683 – THE Master Ken (Most famous swordmaster on the planet)
10 – 59049 – Once a century talent, true living legend.

88545 total required to reach 10

9816 difference

PC level growth:
+20% damage output per level
+20% more damage required to wound per level

NPC level growth:
+10% damage output per level
+35% more damage required to wound per level

Some Notes:
I wanted the players to be constantly seeking someone the next level up or better, since that will drag them pretty much all the way up a level. The difference growth will, I’m hoping, mean that battles between the greatest masters will draw out a bit. Also, while a level 1 player can’t one hit a level 5 no matter what, it isn’t certain that a level 5 will one hit a level 1 player. It’ll probably be most comfortable fighting those within a couple levels +/-, but losing isn’t certain until you get closer to a 7 odd level separation.

As for the rarity of level 9 and 10s… Lu Bu was considered one of a kind in all of China, but there were probably a couple people that could have beat him… in theory. Musashi on the other hand… Musashi beat his most serious opponent, a man famous for his long sword (about 7″ longer than a regular katana), with a long wooden sword he reportedly fashioned from the spare ore of the boat that was bringing him. He was cagey, for certain, but let’s face it he was also completely awesome. (Or the historians of the time just suck and he really assassinated him with the help of his students… for our purposes, we’ll stick with the popularized version of him.)

Some rough portrait sketches for Ronin Beat.