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I just keep playing it back in my mind. Over and over the images spin up to speed then slow down as I examine every agonizing frame. Somewhere part of me is raging, angrily fighting the truth that my memory stubbornly replays. Most of me is in too much pain to care though.

She stepped left when she should have stepped right, rushed in when she should have held back. These are observations, I know eventually I’ll attach blame or find some sort of meaning in them, but for now it’s just the simple facts before me. Then time slows down and the blade whistling through the air seems to be moving effortlessly. It’s strange how the moment just before seems to take forever, but once it hits everything happens so fast. The blood spraying everywhere and the people around me yelling, all at once and yet all separated as if everyone were on their own layer of time.

I don’t really remember anything after that. A general feeling of things being hectic, maybe, but nothing concrete. I guess it’s shock. Maybe it still is, I mean this person is trying to speak to me but I honestly can’t seem to focus in on what they are saying. Oh well, they just left.

It’s dark now.

So dark.

The Shattered World Intiative

The Shattered World Initiative is a group of projects meant to lead up to Shattered World…

The First Project

Task: Create an MMO using four of the hand to hand styles from Shattered World in a mixed martial arts setting…


Combos are a guise to cover up the fact that the combat is actually turn based…

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