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Living as a trans person, it’s always in the back of my mind that there are certain organized groups within my country who feel that they not only have the right to, but frankly the desire to kill me. Now it’s not the most widespread problem in the world, and I know I ‘probably’ won’t closely encounter one of those groups in my usual life. But the possibility is always there.

I know that this case is exactly the same for gay people, and black people as well as a large number of other minorities. But I’ve heard all of these minorities accused of being “too loud” or “too in your face” about the difficulties they face living with racism and that constant knowledge of being in danger.

Recently, a group managed to target white, straight, Americans in exactly the same manner. The result was the invasion of two countries…

So why do I still have to hear crap about the minorities being too “in your face” with their issues?