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A room at the center

I stumble into the room, some scorching on my left arm and a deep gash in my left thigh, but otherwise okay. The room would be dark except for the light of a hundred monitors, all locked into a blue error screen. They don’t cover the walls, they cluster together into kiosks while the wall space between is simply white, but a dark white hovering on the edge of gray.

Directly in the center sits a woman. Raven hair, slender build, pear shaped figure and completely nude. Recognition was instant, she had taunted me all my life, everything I had wanted to be, and yet always outside me. A familiar smile graces her lips, and I hear her thoughts, applying it correctly to the face, finally understanding what had called me here.

I replied in kind, greeting easily, not needing to question who. Our conversation was like so many I’d had before. While the world had observed my silence, these had been droning on undetected.

You’ve built me. You made all this happen. I understand. So it’s the back of my mind, my subconscious. Yes, it’s the only thing that makes sense. It fits all the criteria, the creatures were so familiar, I had wondered why.

So what are you going to do? All I have to do is think it so, and it’s fixed. It’s not that simple. But it’s still simpler even than that. Yes. You need more certainty than that. I understand, but you already know it doesn’t matter. I know.

So you aren’t going to fix it. I’m not. Even knowing you would save thousands of lives? And undo the most important moments of their lives for others. Time is immutable, what has happened shapes what will happen, who am I to say that the absence of these events will help people in the long run. So you’ll abandon the world to it’s plight? No, this won’t spread anymore. It doesn’t need to.

I sit, opposite her, and wait. Wait for the eventuality, the other to affirm our existence, to hear our story. And to write it’s ending.

B C,3.

Thought I should add – This is a thought expirement!

Basic Design Premise:
Create a massively multi-player persistent world based on artistic creation and socialization with competition but devoid of violence.

Setting (Underlying Simulation):
An urban environment with emphasis on the warehouse and downtown areas. NPCs wandering the streets taking note of any fliers, graffiti, or pamphlets they may be handed/come across. Loose instancing for personal apartments. There is a monthly ballot on which eight issues will be voted on by the NPCs, should be things that have some effect on PCs, for instance whether the city will add buildings in the warehouse district or improve roads in the warehouse district.

Art Direction:
Cold urban grit, stylized but should avoid looking childish.

Players begin in the game with a daily allowance and the shirts on their back inside of an instanced tutorial.
They may skip the tutorial or learn how to tag, create fliers and pamphlets, play instruments and even have the in-game social network explained to them. End it with them choosing positions on the current eight issues, these positions can be changed at any time, but changing does not have retroactive effects. (Players may choose to abstain.)
When players enter the world, they have a small amount of starting capital and some cans of spray paint. They can tag buildings in the warehouse district, or print and hand out fliers or pamphlets in any of the areas. These will get their side of issues before the NPCs. The NPCs will vote based on how much they see of the taggings, fliers, etc… by players with an opinion on the issue. When an issue you agree with passes, you get an increase in your allowance.
There is a tri-monthly community award contest. Players vote for other players, not themselves, for categories such as best tagging, best musician, most popular, most helpful, etc… Winners have their allowance raised proportional to their position, first place wins more than second place, so on and so forth.
Gamemasters should be actively arranging parties, “live” music performances, and so forth within the game to keep a vibrant community in the game.
Players can elect to have taggings and songs saved permanently in their profiles. To get all parts of a song from the band, simply play it while in a group and have one member save it. Members of a group may also tag collaboratively.

I’ll leave it there for this post.

Just a thought on a possible mechanic allowing for sword dueling inside an MMO.

From the first person perspective you stand at about 4-6 feet away from your opponent. Just far enough for your blades to touch 6 inches below the tip.

Left click is a lunging attack, right click is a slashing attack. When you move the sword without attacking it can act as a block. While blocked, you can push against their sword by tapping space bar. It adds an amount of force dependent on your strength statistic, likewise for blocking, perhaps on a global cool down. W moves you one step toward your enemy, S moves you one step away, A sidesteps to the left, D sidesteps to the right.

The tip of the sword follows the mouse, allowing you to move it about the screen in order to block. Number keys may control different stances and ways of holding the sword. Moving the sword in front of a slash attack can block that attack, moving it across a lunge can push it aside. You’re ability to block or push aside a lunge is controlled by strength. Speed of your steps would of course be speed, and speed of a strike would be dexterity.

Different combinations of strikes and movements in particular contexts would be the “special moves” and, if you have classes, could be class dependent.