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It’s one pm where I am. I’ve been up since at least five pm yesterday, still can’t sleep though… maybe it’s those five mountain dew code reds. Or maybe it’s having my computer back after my video card’s recent burial, who knows.

Since having my computer back I’ve played four hours of Heroes of Might and Magic V, still pretty darn HoMMy but slightly more tactical, created a model from scratch, started a digital painting, and created five frames of sprite art… Perhaps I have a bit of artistic manic clawing at my brain right now, whispering in my ear, driving me forward.

On the subject of sprite art, it’s fun.
Really, enjoy this fine piece of crafted brilliance!

Okay just kidding, that was from a few days ago and it’s utter shite. This is what I did today.

I just barely started playing around with the non-black outlines so now I have to go back and fix all of them, but it’s okay, it’s worth it…. I think.

These were made for Battle for Wesnoth, btw. It’s a free open source game available at… Great game, but try and ignore the portrait art whenever possible.